Our proposal for Glabbeek wins 1st prize

Happy to announce that our project in Glabbeek was selected the winner of a recent competition. On the narrow plot we managed to combine high quality social housing with a strip of collective green gardens giving all future residents acces to the garden and an opportunity to meet each other!

First prize in Burst for the monastary garden

In a recent competition in the village of Burst, 2DVW designed two new small residential buildings and the transformation of an existing care home around a shared monastary garden. By orienting the building perpendicular to the existing street, the garden becomes an extension of the public space in the heart of the village providing a peacefull green space for its inhabitants.

2DVW will be designing the urban plan for a development in the Huveneerstraat

The future development of Huveneerstraat will be a very dense project, asking for a creative urban solution. 2DVW will soon start designing the urban plan for this site situated on the crossroads between urban and rural Flanders.

Transformation of The Hamershof is completed

Transformation of 100 homes with public space and shops into energy-neutral homes.
This project will be officially opened on the 18th of September.

Update construction site Pollarewijk

The renewal plan for the Pollare district focuses next to the creation of typological diversity also on the perception of the area and the joy of living of its residents.

Selected for “Kolderbos” in Genk

As a team we are selected for a competition in Belgium. For this competition we are going to develop a master vision and an urban design study for the district “Kolderbos” in Genk.We are looking forward to this collaboration with: 2DVW Architects (JDWA + RDVA), PosadMaxwan, VE-R and Simply Community.

First prize in Rumst

2DVW (JDWA+RDVA) wins the competition for 37 new affordable homes in Rumst, BE. The new program is integrated in the context in an informal way while doubling the amount of public space in the existing street.

First prize in Gooreind

2DVW (JDWA+RDVA) in collaboration with Atelier Ruimtelijk Advies wins the competition for the public space of a new housing development in Gooreind, BE.

Winning design: Dwarsstraat

2DVW (JDWA+RDVA) wins competition in Belgium with a design for the Dwarsstraat. A design involving a qualitative and sustainable way of living.

2DVW office tour
Residential area Ten Kouter ready

The assignment consisted the realization of 28 senior bungalows in Ten Kouter. Adding family homes creates a mix of homes for young and older people. The realized houses and the square create a future-proof living environment.

New photos of the Leeuweric

Last weekend photographer Milena Villalba photographed our project: The Leeuweric.

New construction site ‘t Ankerhofke

The realization of a new housing project in the center of Serskamp has come into full swing. After demolishing a few old buildings there is room for new homes for starters, seniors and families in the center of the community.

First prize in Zele
2DVW (JDWA+RDVA) won a competition in Zele!
With a design for apartments in a qualitative green environment, we searched for a balance between built-up and open space.
First prize in Antwerp

2DVW (JDWA+RDVA) wins first price for the Antwerp project ‘Oudemansstraat’.

De Bosschen finished

Current images of the building site in Turnhout (BE) where our project ‘De Bosschen’ for De Ark has been finished

The construction works started in 2016. The plan of De Bosschen consists in 50 new houses around a new green public space: family houses in different typologies, group housing for people with special needs and a new public space that links the existing neighbourhoods and the city park.

‘Polderparel’ Under Construction

Current images of the building site in Oud-Turnhout (BE) where a lot of progress has been made on our project ‘de Polderparel’ for De Ark.

‘Polderparel’s’ footprint occupies the entire site: 18 Houses in one compact building. The rather simple outside of the building is completed with an exciting inner world where the common outside space and the entrances to the houses are located.

DECA on detail.de

Our project Deca Factory on the detail.de website!

In collaboration with Deca Packaging Group we designed a new headquarters that matches the innovative, future-oriented and ambitious character of this company.

Voorhavenlaan in Gent

2DVW, in collaboration with Studie10, wins competition Voorhavenlaan in Ghent. Our proposal for the housing project is about quality, tailored to the wishes of the residents and maximizing the benefits of port and water.

Winning design Roodhuisberg

2DVW wins the competition brought by SHM Social Housing arro Leuven (SWaL) in Belgium. The project consists in the design and realization of 12 properties in a development which has already been partially implemented at present.

Villa Astrid almost finished

Current images of the building site in Turnhout (BE), where you can see our project Villa Astridlaan  (1st prize competition 2012) almost completed.

Nomination DECA Factory Construction Acier

Last year our project DECA Factory Packaging Group has been nominated again. This time for Concours Construction Acier 2016, the annual prize of Infosteel.


De Bosschen Under Construction

Current images of the building site in Turnhout (BE) where a lot of progress has been made on our project ‘De Bosschen’ for De Ark.

The construction works started in 2016. The plan of De Bosschen consists in 50 new houses around a new green public space: family houses in different typologies, group housing for people with special needs and a new public space that links the existing neighbourhoods and the city park.





2DVW Site visit day

This year 2DVW team celebrated a productive year by visiting completed and under construction building sites (Villa Astrid/Polderparel/De Bosschen /Den Leeuweric/Deca Factory/Woonfabriek Hogeweg).
You could see more images on JDWA Facebook page

Deca Packaging Group is nominated for ARC16 Detail!

We are happy to announce that Deca Packaging Group is among ARC16 Detail nominees! You can take a look at all nominees here. Images by Klaas Verdru.

DECA Packaging Group in ‘De Architect’ magazine

Our freshly finished  DECA Packaging Group building was submitted for ARC16 Detail competition. Read more at De Architect (NL).

Woonfabriek Hogeweg in ‘De Architect’ magazine

Woonfabriek Hogeweg is published by De Architect. Take a closer look here. Image by Tim van de Velde.

Deca Packaging Group office is complete

You can see new images of Deca Packaging Group office interior here by Klaas Verdru.

Steel Prize 2016

New headquarters for Deca is one of the nominees for the Belgian Steel Prize 2016.
More images.

Woonfabriek Hogeweg is completed!

JDWA project Woonfabriek Hogeweg  is completed. You can see here the first pictures by Tim Van de Velde. Read more at De Architect.

Jardin des Moineaux

2DVW in collaboration with Duotuin wins competition with “Jardin des Moineaux” [Sparrow Garden] in Brussels: 6 social apartments+community garden+extension school.
Read more at architectura.be.

Win for 2DVW design of Heldergemstraat

‘Heldergemstraat’, the design of 2DVW Architects wins this competition of 24 new houses in Haaltert (BE).  The design devides an oblong stretch of land into three distinct living characteristics 1) Yard, 2) Orchard & 3) Belvedere.

Living with water

1st Prize Competition ‘Lindeveld’ in Aalst Belgium.
The combination of 2DVW Architects and LapLab wins competition in Aalst, Belgium. Our plan for 54 new houses respects the (water) landscape and integrates sustainable water management with space for new development.

Winning design for Kuurne

2DVW wins competition with “Welcome in the Flax Garden!”, a design involving a city garden and 34 new houses with parking on the Ascubel site in Kuurne, Belgium.
See the project.

Opening Veranda

Last Saturday October 18th, the new building for Gigos youthwork opened.
We’d like to thank everyone for their efforts. It truly was a nice party and a beautiful start for the Veranda.

Genk Under Construction

Current images of the building site in Genk (BE) where a lot of progress has been made on our project ‘The Veranda’ for Gigos Youthwork.

2DVW wins twice

2DVW Architects win first prize in competitions with their designs ‘Dornik Square & Park Villa’ (for the development of a plot in the centre of Geel (BE) and ‘Klimopstraat’ for the  Braselwijkarea in Dessel (BE).

Competition Schaarbeek

2DVW wins 1st prize in a competition with our design for a sports hall & neighbourhood lounge in Schaarbeek, Belgium!
Schaarbeek Municipality in collaboration with Beliris want to integrate neighbourhood services with the “Institut Technique Cardinal Mercier” school. New accomodations consist of a sports hall with dressing rooms, storage ed. and a neighbourhood lounge. The accomodation will be used by will the residents and associations in the neighborhood and the school.

Build of Hogeweg started

Building phase of our project “Housing Factory Hogeweg” has begun. The former knitware factory Henri Verhulst on the Hogeweg in Erembodegem, Belgium, gets a residential purpose (20 housing units). By keeping existing facades and re-using valuable parts of the exisitng buildings the overall characteristics of this example of interbellum architecture are conservated. The space with exisiting buildings wil be redeveloped into a distinctive housing factory. The Northern part of this lot will be transformed to a “factory garden”.
Article in Belgium newspaper Het Nieuwsblad.

Façade Deca

Very good progress on the construction of the new factory building in Herentals. The effect of sunlight reflecting of the folded façade panels on the nearly completed East façade, surpasses our expectations.

1st place Astridlaan

Villa Astridlaan – 2DVW won 1ste place in the Astridlaan competition! Redevelopment of former office villa on the Koningin Astridlaan (Turnhout, Belgium) for the benefit of social housing and services. Clients: Housing corporation the Ark and city of Turnhout.

1st place Gooreind

Boterwijk Gooreind 2DVW has won 1st prize for the Gooreind competition  – A substantial development of 242 houses on a 9 hectare plot in the north-east of Gooreind, Belgium. Commisioned by housing corporation de Voorkempen.

Open call Aartrijke

Our plan for the New Cultural Center the Jonkhove en the Sports Park Aartrijke is presented to a jury with the future users of the project and to the team of the Flemish Government Architect.
View projects Sportpartk Aartrijke & De Jonkhove.

Second prize Wingene

2DVW wins 2nd prize for ‘Amphorastraat Wingene’, our entry for Open Call (2303), Flemish government architect .
In collaboration with OPEN Architecten.

Housing factory Hogeweg

VMSW endorses design ‘Housing factory Hogeweg’. The Flemish Social Housing Corporation (VMSW) endorses the preliminary design for the ‘Housing factory Hogeweg’. The building permit file is in draft.
View project Housing factory Hogeweg.

Park Hoge Rielen

2DVW’s sanitary pavilion in park the ‘Hoge Rielen’ in Belgium is nearing completion! In collaboration with OPEN architecten.
View project Hoge Rielen

1st prize Veranda

1st prize for ‘de Veranda’. 2DVW & OPEN Architects win competition for Gigos jouth work with accommodation; ‘De Veranda’. Plan elaboration for this youth center in Klein Sledderlo, Genk (BE) starts September 2011.
View project De Veranda.

City Academies in A+

Our project for the City Academies Deinze is published in A+230, the Belgian archtictural magazine. This was a project for the Flemish Government Architect (Open Call) and the city of Deinze.
View project City Academies Deinze.

‘Living at the park’ wins

2DVW in collaboration with Open Architects wins 1st prize for 12 new houses in the center of Wommelgem (BE).  Centre for Social Welfare (OCMW) is client of this project.
View project Living at the park.

1st prize ‘Hoge Rielen’ park

Open Architecten & 2DVW win competition for sanitary pavilion in the ‘Hoge Rielen’ park in Kasterlee (BE).
View project Hoge Rielen