2DVW Architecten bvba is a design office, founded by Johan De Wachter and Rik De Vooght. 2DVW embodies the collaboration of the Rotterdam based office of Johan De Wachter Architects (JDWA.NL) & Rik De Vooght Architects (RDVA.BE) from Antwerp. For more information & current projects please vist  2DVW.EU.

“Any project is interesting” is a cliché, but often the truth. 2DVW Architects bvba is a design agency for complex projects in the existing city. With compact and (so often) complex tasks in the field of architecture and urban planning, it is often necessary to look for alternative design and construction methods. Exactly in this complex context of the assignment, our design attitude is necessary.

The design research is currently focusing on innovative typologies for living, care and culture, including logistics, construction and commercial implications. The use of non-standard typologies (both at building level and public space) often leads to a customized solution.

Our interest also goes to niche projects that are a conceptual challenge for the design team through the location, the programmatic questionnaire or the technical preconditions. Various projects include a combination of renovation, intensive reuse and smart expansion.

Through challenging concepts, the field of tension between dream and deed is constantly explored through architectural and urban design. Concept, context and technique are solid ingredients in the design process. The office works from Antwerp and Rotterdam on projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal and China.

Clients are social housing companies, housing corporations, project developers, local governments and individuals. We are very interested in future users (individuals and residents). The implementation of design ideas along with those users is an important part of the work.



Johan De Wachter 

After his studies at the Catholic University of Louvain (KUL) in Belgium, Johan De Wachter worked for the Office of Metropolitan Architecture of Rem Koolhaas from 2000 until 2004. There he contributed to a large number of projects and competitions. In 2003 Johan founded the Fün Design Consultancy and was partner until 2005. In 2005 he founded JDWA and in 2011 he teamed up with Rik De Vooght to establish 2DVW Architects in Antwerp.
He has been teaching at the Delft Technical University and the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design. Currently he is teaching at the Fontys Hogeschool voor Architectuur & Stedenbouw in Tilburg.
In January 2015 Johan De Wachter was appointed associate professor at the Kaunas University of Technology (Lituania) where he leads the urban planning studio focused on city transformation. The focus is an extensive research on the soviet neighborhoods. One studio ‘Microraion Transformation Strategies’ examines the transformation possibilities of socialist monofunctional housing areas through a combination of renovation, programmatical diversification, typological innovation, new constructions and redefining public space. The second studio ‘City (axis) Transformation Strategies’ investigates transformation and reuse on a larger scale including infrastructural aspects and reprogramming on a city scale. Within the university context the studio aims to create a research project where other departments and faculties (engineering, infrastructure, building technology, sustainability, …) collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment.




Rik de Vooght 

Rik studied at the Caholic University of Leuven from where he graduated as an engineering architect. He starts his career with an internship at Jo Crepain Architect N.V. and works as a project executive, and later as a projectmanager, for various projects at home and abroad.

Together with Allard Schwencke, Rik founded Open Architecten bvba, where he was project and responsible manager of various projects in Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal.

In 2011 Allard Schwencke he founded his own architectural office: Atelier ASA. Rik then changed the name from Open Architecten bvba to Rik de Vooght Architecten bvba. In the mean time he also opened 2DVW Architecten bvba, together with Johan de Wachter (JDWA). 2DVW Architecten is an office for architecture and design specialising in large-scaled projects at home and abroad.

The project “Pharmacy De Vooght” is nominated for the Belgium Building Awards, the National Steel Building Prize and is the Winner of the Architecture Night in 2007. In 2010, the urban development plan “balteau site in Liège will be awarded a shared first place of The international design contest Europan 10.




2DVW team consists of:

Johan De Wachter – ir. architect, zaakvoerder
Rik De Vooght – ir. architect, zaakvoerder
Marieke van Hensbergen – ir. architect
Pepijn van Voorst – ir. architect
Patricia Mata – ir. architect
Maria Cànoves Garcia – ir. architect
Rutger Boydens – architect
Sofia Vacas Sanchez – architect
Krystyna Warsinska – architect
Sharona Van Avermaet – interieurarchitect
Joris van Arkel – architect
Liene Medniece – architect
Jill Onincx – ir. architect
Melissa Van Assel – ir. architect
Katarína Karásková – architect
Maciek Konik – architect
Shamila Gostelow – architect
Gongbu Han – architect
Anastasiya Klimentieva– architect





Former collaborators:
Nicolette Marzovilla (2017-2022), Marcel Wachala (2021-2022), Pavel Haniš (2020-2021)Anneke Wisse (2020-2021), Monique Haarman (2019-2020), Anna Dobrawa Kicinska (2019-2020), Marco Moretto (2017-2020), Heejin Chung (2018-2019), Virginia Lazr (2019), Xavier Aguilar (2017-2018), Mathieu Chataignier (2018-2019), Cristina Genovese (2018-2019), David Zatloukal (2018), Helen Devine (2018), Gemma Carcasona Molió (2017-2018), Anne Declerck (2017-2018), Théophile Paquet (2017), Karolis Grigaitis (2017), Andrius Kalinauskas (2011-2017), Erica Volpini (2017), Anna Kintsurashvili (2015 – 2017), Job Willems (2011 – 2017), Sanne Berghmans (2016 – 2017), Mikas Kauzonas (2014 – 2016), Cristina Filca (2016), Monika Mickute (2015 – 2016), Natalia Zakopoulou (2016), Vit Kasparek (2016), Debbie Verbeek (2016), Frederic Deltour (2011 – 2016), Liana Sofiadi (2015 – 2016), Andrea Smiljanic (2013 – 2015), Magdalena Tofil (2015), Grzegorz Krajewski (2015), Domien Wuyts (2014 – 2015), Zuzana Zelingerova (2015), Tereza Nemeckova (2015), Michal Zaremba (2014), Michaela Balkova (2014), Jana Rotreklova (2014), Elixabete Beraza Sorarrain (2012 – 2014), Luis Larrauri R Viguri (2014), Elina Jakovele (2011 – 2014), Isaia Savvidou (2012 – 2013), Viktorija Gailiūtė (2013 – 2014), Kim van den Hoven (2009 – 2013), Gonçalo Castanheira (2013), Ana Pesudo (2013), Eva Jezdikova (2013), Eirini Gallou (2013), Javier Lazaro Miranda (2013), Ciprian- Cosmin Colda (2013), Maurici Mayol (2013), Elena Casany Garcia (2012), Paula Sarrión Pérez (2012), Clara Arnau Peiró (2012), Isabel Marcos (2012), Lourdes Carretero (2012), Antonio José Martín Marín (2012), Eunjin Kang (2011), Martijn Kwant (2010), Gonçalo Matos (2007 – 09), Smahan Amrach (2008 – 09), Manueline Caseau (2008 – 09), Tiago Pinto de Carvalho (2008), Dipl. Ing. Kerem Masaraci (2008), María Alejandra Maennling (2007), Dipl. Ing. Jens Pötzsch (2007), Ir. Joana Torres (2006 – 07), Louise Nedergaard Clausen (2006 – 07), Ir. M.H.Farshid Madjidi (2007), Ana Ruiz (2006), Jef Hendrickx (2006), Antonio Rodriguez Camara (2006), Laura Gracia (2005-06), Alexandra Waluda (2005),  Tuuli Köller (2005, 2007-08), Ceren Hancioglu (2005),  Teo Hidalgo (2005), Ignacio Cabezas (2005), Diego Ochayta (2004), Julia Rodriguez Bujan (2004), Zuoming Wang (2004), Pei Liu (2004)